Monday 17 June 2013

Motor Neurone Disease - Global Awareness Day

MND - I Am Breathing

This Friday 21st June, is Global Awareness Day for Motor Neurone Disease.

To promote awareness of this terminal disease, a film called "I Am Breathing" has been released to document the last few months of a young father's life as the disease takes hold of his body leaving him paralysed and on a ventilator. It was only 12 short months from his diagnosis to his death, hardly enough time to see his son take his first steps or say his first words. His widow was featured on ITV This Morning this week.

Ned is a neighbour and father to one of the The Princess's school friends. He was a fighter pilot when he noticed his first symptoms more than 10 years ago and has lived with the disease and its incredibly debilitating symptoms since. He is not only a father and a husband but he is also an inspiration to so many.

There is no predicting how the disease will progress or how quickly. Neil, in the film, died within a year. Ned, 10 years on, is still fighting. There is no cure for MND. Donations fund care for those that are affected by the disease and research in the hope that one day a cure can be found. If you are able to spare a few pennies or, better yet, a few pounds you can donate by following this link to the MNDA website.

If you have the opportunity to go and see the film please do.

Thank you.


  1. Such a terrible terrible disease. I will keep an eye out for that film, it sounds inspirational...


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