Friday 21 June 2013

Magic Knickers

So if someone offer you a pair of magic knickers to try, what is the polite response?
I suppose your answer would depend on who was offering.
Should I blush?
Should I pack the kids off for a sleepover?
Should I book a date night with the Mr?

Well my blushes were saved when I discovered that the magic knickers are in fact cropped leggings in the style of Knickerbockers. In Sweden cropped trousers are known as Knickers and when Meandi brought them to the UK the name just stuck.

As for the magic part, well I feel magic when I wear them!

Magic Knickers by Meandi

They are made from very high quality jersey, which fit perfectly round the bum, are looser through the leg and then gather into a wide cuff at the calf which really flatters my legs. The waistband can be worn high (particularly comfortable after a curry night) or can be folded down for a low waist look. The waistband isn't super tight so it doesn't hold it all in (or bulge it all out) but it just smooths out the stomach area nicely.
Magic Knickers by Meandi

I am not a fan of showing off my bum in leggings so I will ALWAYS wear a tunic length top with these but I have worn them with a hoody and trainers for comfy Sundays and with a long length tshirt and ballet pumps for a shopping trip. I think they may be my summer uniform!

Meandi is a Swedish company that has brought fabulous bright and modern clothing for kids and women to the UK. We have previously tried the kids canvas trousers which the Wee One would wear every day if I let him. They are launching their Autumn collection on the 14th August so I will be logging on to see the new great colours and prints.

Although you can order Meandi online you can also arrange a clothing party with the benefit of a social gathering with friends and gifts for the hostess. You'll find all the information you need on their website and anyone who is interested in becoming part of the sales team in the UK should contact them through the online application form.

Disclosure: I was sent a pair of Magic Knickers free of charge for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own and if I didn't like them I would tell you!

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