Tuesday 25 June 2013

Britmums Live 2013 on balance

Positive: meeting loads of fabulous bloggers for the first time and loving their blogs

Negative: adding another 20 blogs to an already over-populated blog reader

Positive: Inspiring key notes
Negative: Running out of tissues during key notes

Positive: Discovering blogging brand opportunities
Negative: Nowhere to hide

Positive: Meeting old friends
Negative: Not having enough time to chat with old friends

Positive: 2 days of potential blogging inspiration
Negative: Sessions that promised more than they delivered

Positive: Great venue
Negative: Not enough loos; mean portions at lunch

Positive: The gorgeous stylist Katie at TKMaxx
Negative: In her words " drab and off message selection of clothes" with which to style with

Positive: Yay, time in London
Negative: Hotel prices in London

Positive: Swag to keep the kids happy
negative: Swag not relevant to ages of your children

Positive: Very well organised and smoothly run
Negative: Agenda too packed and not enough chatting/relaxing time

Positive: Key note speakers and session experts
Negative: Very easy to tell that they didn't all research their audience

Positive: Meet the editor and writing sessions
Negative: All on Friday and I missed it :-(

Positive: Refreshments on tap
negative: Weak insipid coffee

Positive: Community spirit
Negative: Some communities are too cliquey

Positive: Tickets for Britmums Live 2014 are on sale now
Negative: A whole year to wait


  1. oooooh very balanced. I agree that there was not enough time to socialise. More chatting would definitely have been good. x

  2. Totally balanced! And yes, there wasn't enough time to just relax and meet people...

  3. One day maybe I will be allowed to go!

  4. Nice way to do it! I was getting excited to hear your literary progress! Oh well, you'll have to tell me TOMORROW!!!!

  5. Positive: you get to tell me all about your book tomorrow.
    Negative: I will have a hangover on Saturday.

  6. So sad I missed this year, but I'll be there next year!

  7. I love the way you've done this post and so many of them resonate with how I felt about the event. Loved it for the bloggers, hated it for the occasional cliques. Loved it for seeing friends, hated it for avoiding people I can't bear. Loved the brands, hated that they created another brand area which took away from sitting. Loved the food, hated that I had to sit on the sodding floor like a child to eat.

  8. This was a great review. You are so good at summing up things in so few words. Lovely to meet you again - must do it again same time next year! X.


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