Saturday 12 April 2014


School holidays and the tally so far is 
Kids: eleventy million - Mum: two

This parenting lark can be hard work. Watching everyone out jogging this morning inspired by the London marathon got me pondering whether I'd rather run a marathon (or half marathon, or a mile actually) or spend another day with a quarrelsome threesome determined to wear their mother down to a lip-quivering mess. The marathon/half marathon/mile won.

*deep breath*

I had a gin and ginger this afternoon to smooth the ruffles in my feathers after a trip up to Burghley. We went to see some sporty motors and snaffle some tasters at the Fine Food Fair but it all went awry when I didn't buy cupcakes for them. Obviously the picnic I made and the sweets I bought them were not enough. Stupid me.

The gin was lovely though. 

Kids: 2 - Balloon: 0

Kids: 0 - Me and the mud: 1

Kids: 26,329 bounces - Me: shattered

Deer: 1 and missing one antler - Me: 1 shot in the bag

Kids: 5,654 for being brilliant at their activity days - Me: -23 for being worn down by the one child who stayed home

Kids: 12 mph - me: broken back from pushing the go kart 

Kids: 45 minutes in the bath - me: 45 minutes getting a numb bum watching kid in the bath

I'm hoping that this week will level the scores out a little bit! 

Hope your Easter holidays are being kind to you x

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  1. I feel your pain! Bigger Miss had a right old huff yesterday because Little Miss had a packet of crisps as she was poorly and conveniently forgetting the new pair of jeans she had been bought the day before! I love the look on your daughter's face in the mud picture and I also love the bathtime pic and that still majestic deer.

  2. i do enjoy seeing your words aswell as your pics each week, you always make me smile. i love the mud photo - proper squelchy mud too. and your son in the last photo looks so adorable lol
    mmmm gina nd ginger sounds like a good tonic x

  3. Ha we never win! Some great photos though.

  4. Oh bless her in that mud her face is priceless! Keep breathing :)


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