Thursday 24 April 2014

Ten Random Things...


1. My anxiety levels are shooting up in direct proportion to the number of pounds I fail to lose on my (not quite a) diet.
2. I want a job. Well more of a job. I work a bit. It pays the council tax. I want more.
3. I'm scared to get more. Confidence is in short supply.
4. My baby starts school in September. Half of me is celebrating the opportunity to fill school hours with something productive and well paid. The other half: see point 3.
5. If I could sew all day I would. I applied for the Sewing Bee but didn't hear anything back so I'm going to sew my way through the next 12 months and the next series when I shall try again. Practice makes perfect.
6. I am procrastinating by writing this blog post. The to-do list is lengthy and becoming ever more pressing which may necessitate an abrupt conclusion and an incomplete list. We'll see.
7. I am wearing a skirt with no tights and my legs aren't hairy. But my toe nails need painting.
8. I have a bureau rescued from a skip which would look lovely in the opposite corner of this room and would be a perfect place for me to contain all my crafty sewing writing paraphenalia. It needs a make over and I'm thinking chalk paint for speed and ease of application. I am stuck on choosing a colour though and although I love the idea of a charcoal grey with a pop of colour, I am also tempted by something wild like orange, or turquoise with a pop of grey.
9. I keep spotting bunting in random places: the river bank last week, the woods at the weekend. So glad that we as a nation aren't over bunting yet. I rather love it and it brings a little fluttering joy to the soul.
10. New beginnings are great, assuming you can get started.


PS I read a rather more thoughtful and eloquent Ten Random Things post by Knitsofacto which prompted this. Go and say Hi x


  1. I love bunting! And keep sewing and apply next year, be determined and you will get there!! x

  2. I love this idea of ten random things! PS. I think turquoise and grey sounds lovely! PPS. I think bunting is fabulous too! :D

  3. The top chunk of your list sounds familiar! Except my youngest has been at school for a few years now and I'm still not even half sorted. So much I'd like to do: too scared to do it. Best of luck with the Sewing Bee, that would be brilliant! And brave.

  4. I just wrote a rather odd post about not liking bluebells, but I could never get sick of bunting, so phew! I'm ok. How's that for random.
    As for that confidence, you have it already, you're amazing, now get on out there! xx

  5. I rather love you, please tell me you're coming to Britmums this year? Bunting is the best, I love the sound of that bureau (but I couldn't be arse to strip it!) and the idea of a to-do list is horrendous.

  6. Big hugs to you..... I'm sending you some more confidence in the post (and cake), and I would love a bureau for my writing! X

  7. Finally I have five minutes to catch up with people ...

    I so hear you on the weight/confidence/job thing ... that was me a few years back when my four were small. But it comes right, just give it time. And hey girl, your're a blogger, that takes some sass right there!

    (Is sass a word? I have no idea! But you know what I mean :) )


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