Sunday 27 April 2014


This week I've been taking a peek from a different angle to see how things look from there. I'm always a fan of unusual perspectives, reflections and silhouettes and want to explore the possibilities while going about my normal day, naturally.

On the kitchen floor as they line up ready for a wet Easter Egg hunt.

From the wood floor, a house can be built.

Up close, too close to his precious chocolate.

From the past, on the library steps.

From above, as we watch some tv.

Peeking around the shelves to snap this lovely lady. She works in a local shop and had me in hysterics.

From under the branches, peering up I notice a fresh bloom on the tree.

I know The Boy and Me has struggled a bit this week with a touch of 'same old same old' which made me think. I have days when all I've done is school runs and cleaned the toilet. Makes for some awesome shots.. not. So I'm going to try to carry on playing and see what happens.

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  1. i love the tree climbing one and we also had rain during our easter egg hunt, but we did ours indoors instead.
    and please do carry on playing i love your photos x

  2. Love them sat in their wooden house

  3. I must admit, since joining in the 365 Photo A Day project, I've been looking at things in a different way too. It does make the photos much more interesting doesn't it?

  4. On the library steps... is that a Banksy?...!

  5. Angles nice idea...mind if I steal it. Hope you dont get too bored playing at 365...part of it for me is bringing the everyday to life. I have to stay away from my wee man's chocolate too.

  6. Love the heart in the tree and the look on his face eating the chocolate!! He looks so worried, bless him. Nice skirt btw :)

  7. I love the picture of the lady in the shop! X

  8. *looks under my bed incase you appear there* he he

  9. You are always fab at doing stuff from a different perspective even if it is just the school run (not so sure about the toilet!) I love their den - it's fab and that look on his face as you got close to the chocolate is priceless!


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