Sunday 20 April 2014


Better. The second week of the Easter holidays has been better. Less bickering, more fun, less shouting, more laughter.

With one exception. A large exception. An exception that I won't go into but one that brought me to tears of shame. 
A big lesson has been learnt this week. It could be that when you think things are bad, they can always be worse, or it could be a that hiding anything from Mum is fruitless. Both apply.

However we have moved forward and there are signs of remorse. Good may come of it.

In the meantime here is week 2 of the HOLIDAYS:

H is for House, Burghley House, and looking for carp in the pond with Daddy,

O is for Olympic champion, kind of, but a medal for gymnastics club comes close.

L is for Longer days. Garden fun at home and with friends.

I is for Invitation. Staying with their cousin and her dogs was beyond lovely.

D is for Dangling your crabbing line and hauling in dozens.

A is for Action shot, flying down the curvy slide at the Spinney.

Y is for Yummy biscuits at Love Stamford, a new coffee shop and community retail space in town.

Hope the Easter Bunny has visited your family today and you can resist eating it all in one sitting!

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  1. Lovely photos and looks like lots of fun. I love the action shot.

  2. i am so pleased you have had a better final week of the holidays. i just love the slide photo - the relfections in the slide and the superman arms out ahead of him pose by your boy. Crabbing is such fun too - we went last summer and we must go again this year x

  3. That sounds like a really nice week (apart from the exception - hope it was nothing too serious!)! I love that top picture, it's almost like a painting! :)

  4. The reflection in that pond is wonderful, but the slide photograph is just brilliant; such glee and delight.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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