Saturday 5 April 2014


Swings. Of the mood variety. Up and down. Unpredictable. Bloomin' exhausting. Short tempered. End of term and we all need a break.

I am hoping that a couple of weeks of fresh air, exercise and some wholesome family activities will sort us (me) out. And maybe another trip beachward! That sand may have got where no sand is welcome but we all had such a lovely day  evident from the lack of bickering, the laughter and the gentle snores from the back seat on the way home.

Hopefully the Easter holidays will bring more of the same.

Up on the dunes.

Down in the dumps with a 'sore' hand.

Up and down and round and round. Barf!

Getting down with the wildlife.

New greenery climbing up in the garden.

Down on litterbugs!

Digging up/planting seeds.

May your Easter be filled with laughter, love and too much chocolate!

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  1. I hope it's an Easter of garden play and sand dunes for you guys! Littering is a huge bug bear of mine. Hope his wee arm was not hurt too bad.

  2. Great photos, I hope you have a nice relaxed Easter holiday #365 x

  3. great pictures, particularly like the duck and the can!

  4. Hope you have a wonderful Easter full of relaxation and fun my dear. We're already a week into our hols and I'm not sure that it's been relaxing with my two little mischief makers but it's certainly been fun! x

  5. Wonderful pictures and as is often the case your more bizarre subjects are my favourites - love the can! We've had quite a few mood swings here too (including me), just wish I had more time with them in the Easter hols and didn't have to palm them off on everybody else to go to work :(. Still at least I won't have to make pack lunches! Hope you have a great Easter.

  6. I loved seeing your fairground pics and what I would give to be out on those dunes this fortnight. Enjoy! :)

  7. hee hee i adore your theme as usual you clever lady. i love the condensation on top of the can and the lights of the fairground ride. i hope you enjoy the easter holidays x

  8. Great photos! Love the can one

  9. I hope you have a really good rest over the break..... I am glad it's the holidays too; it's good to be more chilled with bedtimes and mornings. Lovely photos! X

  10. Great selection of photos. Hope your Easter break's a good one

  11. Great photos capturing moments from your week. #365


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