Sunday 19 February 2012

365project Week 7

Half term week was spent mostly in Wales, Porthmadog to be precise. A short notice holiday with friends was hard to refuse even if February probably isn't the ideal time of year for a beach holiday in that part of the country.

The week started with the Princess's party, swiftly followed by lunch with Grandma, a rendezvous with hearts and romance and then we reached the North Wales beach. Armed with raincoats, jumpers and wellies we found some great beaches and wildlife (check out the jellyfish), scaled mountains by steam train in pursuit of an evasive view of Snowdon and searched for the perfect pebble. The scenery was amazing, stark, shiny and wet and was all the more striking in the rain!

The highlight of the holiday was seeing the kids have so much fun on a deserted beach in the rain. The lowlight was the rickety cold steam train, travelling at 3 mph, in the rain, beside a lake, with no view of Snowdon. An hour of my life I will never get back, all the more painful because it was my idea.

I watched some intrepid hikers, weighed down with more wet weather gear than should be necessary that far above sea level, heads down against the driving rain and walking poles primed ready to tackle the mountain. As I watched them stride out, I loosened my scarf in the warmth provided by the cafe, looked down at my latte and figured I had made the better decision! Maybe next year.

FiveGoBlogging 365project week 7

See you next week.

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  1. Great pics, very creative. I love your little girl's face, she looks so happy and carefree! x

  2. The train sounds like it was a bit miserable!

    The rest of the week sounds fantastic though. xx

  3. lovely post! I am the same when it comes to "an hour of my life I will never get back" moments, I resent them very much! It sounds like you had a good break, though, train forgetting

  4. love the pics... any chance you can tell me how to do the collage thing?!

  5. Beaches are great for the kids come sun, rain or wind. It is only us adults who need it just so! Glad you all had a good time

  6. Fantastic pictures - love the smile on your Daughter's face!

  7. Great pics as usual. Love the happy smiles.

  8. Love the heart decoration, the arches and the bottom left! Such a cheeky look on her face,

    Thanks for linking up to #Project366


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