Thursday 2 February 2012

Well Shuffle Me Sideways And Press Play!

I have been tagged by JBMumOfOne to tell you the first 5 tunes that are played on my iPod after hitting shuffle.

Stand by for the first disclaimer. I do not have an iPod but the Mr does so any tunes will be his taste, his collection, his music.
Stand by for the second disclaimer. I may or may not know how to shuffle my songs. All I ever do is press play. But the Big One is here and apparently knows what he is doing so here goes:

First up SWV and "Right Here". Actually a nice tune and one I will play again. But left me wondering what SWV stands for. Probably nothing interesting but if you do know, be a poppet and pop it in the comments :)

Next up: Disclaimer number 3: The Mr denies all knowledge of EVER downloading this. Busted and "Psycho Girl". Quite a cute song as it goes. And thank you Charlie for the cheque having reversed into our car (about 10 years ago).

Number 3 on 'my' iPod shuffle is Jack Johnson and "Bubble Toes". Lovely and mellow innit and such a cute title for a track. Must concentrate and listen to the lyrics to understand the reference.

Fourth up and we have Wyclef Jean and "911" ft Mary J Blige (which is important to mention I feel).

And finally, a classic that we can all appreciate, as long as you like The Beatles, "I want to hold your hand". Regrettably I am not a fan.

On the whole a respectable collection. I'm just glad that it stops there because I would not have been able to admit to the 6th song that came on!

How embarrassing are your songs when you hit shuffle?

So now I should nominate some more bloggers to go and shuffle. How about BibseyMama, Kate from the Five F's Blog, and Stressy Mummy.


  1. Ooh interesting choices! I am loving this, it's really interesting to see what everyone has on their MP3 players!

  2. Thats a pretty cool list. I LOVE BUSTED! There, I said it.


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