Thursday 23 February 2012

Brilliance In Blogging Awards

*swallows pride*

I never ask for help, or very rarely, except if it involves toys all over the floor and there are children nearby.

So here I am, shuffling my feet, twiddling my fingers and staring at my shoes, asking if you would consider nominating me for a Blogging Award, specifically the Snap! category. This is where BritMums Bloggers are recognised by the blogging community for their photography 'skills', creative eye and use of photo blogging tools. *cough* Snap Slappers *cough*. There are other categories too so nominate your other favourite blogs while your at it.

Nominate me (please).

There I have said it, out loud. Click the badge here or on my sidebar over on the right before 15th March and you will find yourselves instantly transported to the nomination pages. Too easy.

Brilliance in Blogging: STYLE!

That's it. I'm off now. See you later (on the red carpet maybe).


Oooh, I do like a good comment :-)