Thursday 23 February 2012

Sand Art Fun

I was sent a couple of Sand Art kits from Kids Bee Happy to review and it was not without a certain amount of trepidation that I let the kids lose. I have an aversion to glitter and sequins to the same degree as The Princess has an attraction to them. Sand I had yet to dislike, but I was pretty sure that I could add it to glitter and sequins by the time this activity was over!

"Can we cut and glue and glitter, Mummy?"

I have probably exhausted the excuses.

Sand Art then. So sand. And glue. Having just come back from a short beachy holiday in Wales we are already knee deep in residual sand in the car so I was not 100% sure about adding more to the house but Kids Bee Happy had been very kind to send the kits, one for the Princess and one for The Big One (no definitely NOT one for the Wee One), that I had to let my guard down and get creative with sand.

But I needn't have worried. NO GLUE! Genius. There was sand though :/

Each kit contains 2 images on card, enough sand for even the most generous of applications for each picture, a mini coloured picture to show you what the finished art should look like, a sealable pouch to display your finished creation in and a hanging mount. They have seriously thought of everything*.

Sand suitably contained. So far so good!

The genius bit is that you just peel off sections that you want to fill in with easy to apply sand dispensing pens. The sand is coloured and very fine so it flows really easily through a small point, perfect for accurate application.

Bunny Girl

Peel away to reveal self adhesive pre cut sections. NO GLUE!

Easy sand dispensing pens

When the fun commenced we did struggle a little to peel off the sections. Longer finger nails are essential and for very small sections an adult will need to help, but on the whole the kids could peel off the sections themselves. I also gave the kids a tray and some newspaper to work on to catch the inevitable excess sand.

I could build a castle with all that sand.

Delicate application

I    AM     A     ROBOT!

The resulting colours, and the fact that the sand only sticks to the pre-defined areas, result in a really clear picture that the children were, rightly so, very proud of. It had them engaged for almost 2 hours (unheard of!) and their confidence grew such that they decided to mix up some colours and try to create patterns.

Picasso Robot

The finished works of art were hung in the kitchen art gallery very proudly and were shown off to Daddy.

The finished masterpiece

I would really recommend these kits for an afternoons entertainment and are perfect for age 3 to *cough* 43. Yes, I may have 'helped' a bit.

Kids Bee Happy hold childrens parties across the UK and can also do in school workshops or attent events to entertain the children or the young at heart!

* If there was a niggle about the sand art kits it would be that they don't come with a dustbuster to hoover up the inevitable sand dunes that seem to have formed under my table ;) And if anyone knows what I should have used this little yellow stick for, please let me know.

If this is the spade, where is the bucket?


  1. You sound just like me - I also have a deep aversion to glitter, glue and also possibly worst of all paint! These do sound rather good though - especially outside in the summer! No really having two girls who are mad keen on 'making' I'm always on the look out for mess free (or almost mess free making) and they sound great.

    1. I may have exaggerated the sand dunes under the table!

  2. You and craft stuff. You just love it really! It looks fab, but I'm still too much of a coward and lazy mum! Good job you do enough for the both of us!

    1. I blame it on my craft deprived childhood.

  3. Lol, the little yellow stick is to pick off the paper on the picture instead of using your nails. Lovely post. x

  4. It's too easy and the sand dunes under the table weren't that big, honest!


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