Tuesday 28 February 2012

Snap Slappers - From Sulky To Silly

Based on a really dull and sulky sort of Monday I felt the need to perk myself up a bit with silliness!

The Princess was in a strop yesterday, for pretty much the whole day. There was a brief interlude of smiles around about the same time as we finished off the Wee One's birthday cake. Coincidence? Possibly.

No idea why she was being so moody. She had a good nights sleep, she had a generous dose of cbeebies, she went to the shops and chose a new book and got to adorn me with stickers, lucky girl.

The day ended in a standoff. Proper bottom lip sticking out, arms crossed and stamping feet. And that was just me. The Princess has a good teacher and managed all of the above plus screams. Screaming with your bottom lip sticking out is not easy. I have tried and I am here to tell you it takes a lot of practice.

All is now quiet. I have wine and chocolate and a little photo editing to ease the tension. I suspect there may be more sulking tomorrow when she catches a glimpse of what I have done to a photo of her I took over the weekend but I'm prepared to risk it for the minutes of pleasure it provided.

After a little therapeutic editing!

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day :)

Have you got a gorgeous photo made even more gorgeous with the aid of a little editing? Then link up and cheer up my day.

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  1. This is a fab idea! Can't wait to get editing!

  2. This post made me chuckle, I think we are all guilty of adult sized toddler tantrums from time to time! The photo looks great, I wouldn't have any idea how to edit like that although I would love to! x

  3. Love it, the photo, not the stroppy day!! Hope today is a better one!

  4. Oh yes I have made my day better too - thanks :O)

  5. wow, they are very clever, aren't they? jealousy is such a bad beast, poor thing.
    hope everyone is fine and dandy now, x

  6. I love your picture! I've just had great fun creating a nice colourful picture, just starting to wonder what I will use after Easter!

  7. She doesn't look tooo stroppy but I love what you've done to the pic - especially the cool shades!


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