Thursday 9 February 2012

February Sunshine

I have been blessed with the gift of sunshine from the ever so sunny From Fun To Mum.
Isn't she a poppet? She must have known it has so far been a grey old month with only the occasional glimmer of anything shiny. And she is indeed shiny :)

To be worthy of this covetted award I have to reveal some of my favourites.

Favourite Colour: If you were to look through my wardrobe you would be forgiven for thinking it is grey but it is in fact purple, juicy plumy purple. Or orange. I am rather partial to orange too.

Favourite Animal: There is a dog reclining on my sofa, actually hogging my sofa, and as annoying and irritating and noisy as she can be, she is my favourite animal.

Favourite non-alcholic drink: What no alcohol? Okay then if I can't have alcohol then I will have caffeine! Either hot, milky and strong in the form of coffee or cold and fizzy in the form of diet coke.

Facebook or Twitter: I love the quick fix of twitter and the 140 characters or less stories that get told. Facebook has it's place but decreasingly so in my online life!

Favourite Number: Three. Because I have 3 children. Ahh! *bucket*

Favourite Day of the Week: Sundays for their lazy starts, big lunches and time together as a family. Ahh! *bucket (again)*

My Passion: It would be wrong to say Chocolate wouldn't it? 

Getting or Giving Presents: Err hello?!? Getting obviously. Unless it is giving to your children because there is nothing quite like the look of excitment as they rip the paper. Ahh! *bucket (AGAIN)*

Favourite Pattern: Orla Kiely stem print. Fact.

Favourite Flower: Lavendar smells so lovely and is calming but for looks I love gerberas, daisies and tulips, bold colours and simple structure.

I believe I should be nominating some more worthy sunshiny people but do you know what? We all deserve some sunshine so help yourself. Loads to go round. No shoving at the back!

Happy Sunny February everyone x



  1. Hey, I love what you did with the caffeine thing...double whammy! I like your thinking. I love that people have put kids, writing, blogging, family and what not in their passions, but you went for Chocolate!!! Yum, I say!

  2. Brilliant to have chocolate as a passion!


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