Sunday 15 July 2012

365Project Week 28

One of my 365project buddies asked a question this week which made me take stock.

She asked "Why do you do the 365Project?"

Simple question. Complicated and diverse answers.

Some do it to improve their photographic skills. Trying out new angles, new filters, playing with the manual dials and not relying on the Auto settings.
Some do it to record their daily activities, something to look back on and remember what you got up to each day.

For me, it is a mixture of the two. Each photo means something to me, and helps me recall what I got up to that day, whether it was with the children or just having a moment to call my own with my camera. But I hope that my skills are improving slowly too.

I had a look back through my project because I wanted to get some postcards made from some of my images (vain or what!) and I found more in the most recent months than I did at the beginning. So perhaps I am getting better, or I am at least finding more interesting subjects.

So my theme this week is remember each day for the small things.

Five Go Blogging 365Project week 28

My memories this week:
Static hair on the trampoline
Cafe chairs with my surprise hour to fill
Lego replica of Olympic diving as created by The Big One
Look! The sun. A shadow to prove it
Bubbles in the garden in between showers
A new book but a classic
Cheese sandwich as made by the Wee One

Joining in with The Boy and Me for the 365 Project

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  1. What a lovely collection of photos from the week, especially love the bubble capture.

  2. Great collection of shots: particularly love the the static hair!

  3. I always love all your pics, so imaginative and interesting. My favourite is Squirrel Nutkin :) x

  4. Fun photos, I remember the Tails of Squirrel Nutkin that really is a classic!

  5. Love the hair and the shadow on the grass!

  6. Meh! It's because you're more persistent, more tenacious, have a better memory, and are more talented than me that you're still going!

  7. I've been looking back at my efforts this week too..mainly because I've them all in several different folders and wanted to get them all in one!
    I also found that recent ones were better!
    My favourite of yours this week is the shadow.

  8. That's a brilliant theme. Funnily enough I havent attempted to do a theme at all for the last 298 days, I guess everyday is a bit like remembering the little things as some days we haven't done much but I will look back and think "oh that's when they had the toy, or wore that too or liked that book".
    Anyway, sorry I had a waffle there!
    Lovely collection of photos - so many lovely little things like the fun that blowing bubbles is, reading a lovely story, making a sandwich and making shadows! Lovely memories x

  9. Never like Beatrix Potter and would not read them to my children, and I never took photgraphs before this project and I have had so much fun with it, would be hard to pick one for a postcard but possible my radox bottles, just cos they different

  10. Great selection, i love the shadow on the grass :)


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