Saturday, 28 July 2012

Our Olympic Ceremony

2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony Steel Forged Rings
photo credit Daily Mail

I was prepared to be disappointed. I was prepared for the kids to say "Can we watch something else now?". I was prepared to argue with the kids about what time they could stay up till. I was prepared to be confused about what was supposed to be happening.

I was not prepared for the fantastic feast of cultural and artistic delight that was the Olympics Opening Ceremony.

I was also ill prepared for the deluge of questions fired at me by the Big One every 15 seconds.

Where is the running track?
Are they playing cricket on the Olympics?
Why are they wearing tall hats?
Why are their faces dirty?
What are those chimneys for?
What are those ladies doing with those placards?
What is a suffragette?
What does NHS stand for?
Who are those scary people?
Who is Mary Poppins?
Can I read Harry Potter?
What is this music?
What is punk?
What are those messages popping up on the screen?
Why is there a smiley face?
What does CND mean?
Who will carry Great Britain's flag?
Where is Palau?
Is that the real Olympic torch?
How many are there?
Who are those teenagers carrying the torch?

He was completely glued to the screen.
I was glued to wikipedia.

I hope it is something he will remember for the rest of his life.
The other two nodded off and were carried to bed.

What a night of pure Britishness and brilliance. The over tired grumps are worth it today.

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