Friday 13 July 2012

Summer Bucket List

"here comes summer" "Summer Bucket List" "Five Go blogging"

The children are compiling their Summer Bucket List. It is quite short but hideously expensive. I am informed that this is what will make their summer. Deep joy.

Children's Summer Bucket List:

  • Go to the Cinema
  • Visit Alton Towers
  • Go to a 'real' Zoo (with elephants and giraffes)
  • Get wet at the Garden of Surprises
  • Go to the Cinema (again). (Different film presumably)
  • Visit Abigail and Sam in Spain
  • Go camping (not in the garden).
  • Go on holiday (somewhere other than Spain or camping)
  • Go to the Park (contribution from The Wee One)
  • Go swimming.
  • Go to Euro Disney.
  • Eat sweets.
There are a couple of things on the Children's list that would be on my own - Result. There are more things that would not. For very good reasons I may add. Primarily cost. Secondly, the Mr has only a scant few days off through the summer and therefore major trips anywhere are more than this Mummy can cope with flying solo. Although I did find myself considering taking the children camping on my own for a brief moment or two, right after I'd poured a third glass of wine. This was after I discovered a parent at school was taking her two children on a road trip round Spain and France on her own for SIX weeks. Now that's a lot of gin. Anyway, we don't have a big enough tent so it's all hypothetical.

Seriously though, I have six weeks of nothingness on the family calendar and it needs to filled, or at least punctuated with activity that will entertain the children but preferably not by watching me drown under a sea of crafting supplies. I feel an overwhelming pressure to get planning which feels unnatural, but if I don't, six weeks will have flown by, the kids won't have anything except McDonald's receipts in their holiday scrapbooks and I will be entirely grey.

I've had a mooch about on Pinterest and have found some lovely looking bucket lists designed, imagined and knitted by Mums with way to much time on their hands. Listen to me, all bitter. I'm just jealous that they've got themselves organised and in such a creative, pretty and fun way.

So have I left planning my family Summer Bucket List too late or can I still salvage a shred of Mummy credibility even at this late stage?


  1. Good god I havent even thought about a list so I am much worse than you. Am going to sit the kids down tonight at make one. Although with 1 Teenager and another one who is almost a teenager I expect they will be out and I will be home alone xx

  2. Two words: Boredom. Jar.

    Having deja vu now!

  3. Its never too late! Seriously, there are women out there who have knitted bucket lists ... I'm speechless.

  4. Ha, good luck with that list. We have a pretty much empty diary interspersed with the odd gymnastics workshop and some sports things run by the council So far, my bill is £150, which isn't too bad, but then I have a LOT of space to fill still. I don't think you're alone. The boredom jar is a fab idea. I will be stealing that one, thank you.


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