Wednesday 25 July 2012

Street Photography / People Watching

I love people watching. It is one of THE best pastimes, especially in new places where you don't know anyone (so you don't get caught out!).

I try to work out what the relationships are between people at tables in restaurants; a married man and his mistress who is about to give him an ultimatum; a mother and her two grown up children who have brought her out for a birthday treat but are broke so hope she will offer to pick up the bill; best friends from school but haven't seen each other for 5 years and now have nothing in common; a couple who have been tweeting and have met for the first time in real life only to discover the artistic licence of their avatars. That sort of thing.

Irritatingly, with small children in tow, I have very few opportunities to indulge in my favorite hobby so for this weeks prompt for The Gallery, I instead hit the church fair. Apparently there is plenty of gossip and people watching to be had in Church too but I wasn't privy to this, it being a Saturday and all.

church fair book stall

However, in my head, that guy standing on the right with his back to us biting his nails, is desperately hoping the other guy in the dodgy T-shirt, isn't going to pick up the copy of Riders by Jilly Cooper, because he really wants it himself, but couldn't possibly pick it up with anyone else watching. The lady on the left is keeping a close eye on him, and is ready to upsell him a complete set of Readers Digest abridged novels circa 1979.

I walked away with a Jasper Fforde novel for 30p. The kids couldn't be swayed by Peepo Baby or Little May.

See what fun you can have spying with street photography.

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  1. You are funny... :) You have to be so careful about taking pictures of people here in DE. They have pretty strict laws about it, not as strict as France, but still... :(

  2. Ha ha very amusing! I love people watching too , I could do it all day!! X

  3. Love a bit of people watching - I enjoyed looking at the background in my photos this week - things you wouldn't normally focus on

  4. Ha ha, brilliant. I *LOVE* peepo baby!

    Herding Cats

  5. I can't believe how long ive spent trying to work out what it says on the dodgy t-shirt!

    1. Ok, perhaps not so dodgy... its a Kings of Leon shirt!

  6. People watching is one of my favourite pastimes too. Seriously funny post.

  7. Your thoughts on the pics are fabulous. You're very brave to snap away with so few people about, I always get so nervous taking photos of people when they know I'm taking them.

  8. Heheee this is so funny! I actually had a whole years FREE subscription to Readers Digest about 20 years ago and I loved it. Thats a bit sad isn't it?

  9. Lovethe little stories you make up. The woman on the left is perhaps waiting for a copy of 50 shades of grey lmao x

  10. The guy in the blue cap is really thinking hard about something! I love people watching too, especially at airports. Do you know, one day at Heathrow I counted 64 men wearing chinos and navy blazers?

  11. Love the idea that you create identities for them. That is what a good photo is all about!


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