Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Antique Roman Blinds


Once upon a time (in 2008) I bought some fabric, and some roman blind headers, and I started to make some blinds for my living room bay window.

I worked tirelessly on them for a whole week leaning over my dining room table, it being the only space big enough for the main blind and where I could (sort of) line up the two lengths of fabric that needed to be joined to fit the expanse of the window in question.

Turns out, leaning over a table for hours on end having had a baby a few months before, only proves how weak your core muscles are and gives you a very achy back.

Having (pretty much) completed the central blind, I decided to take a week off to let my back recover before I tackled the two smaller blinds that were to sit on each side of the main blind.

One week, turned into four and a half years.You know how it is. Much like you make a cup a tea, put it down for a moment to wipe a snotty nose or discuss the concept of sharing, and when you go back to it, the tea is cold.

I found the half completed blinds at the bottom of a box and determined that my back had probably recovered by now and that there was little or no chance of strengthening my core muscles even if I waited another four and a half years.

Having spent another week finishing the blasted things, and several hours of swearing getting the headers up,  I realise that I have gone off the fabric.


roman blinds


  1. Well, they look fabulous so try to fall in love again with the fabric if you can (because it'll be a long wait before you decide you can face making replacements!).
    If it makes you feel any better, I have a pair of pyjamas that I have mostly made but still need hems, that have been sitting on the side since January; and various half-finished projects in the craft cupboard that may never see completion. You are not alone!

  2. They look brilliant! You are very talented! :)

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  4. There may be things that didn't go well for you, but on the bright side, this looks very lovely. This is definitely another way to update old blinds or simply gave your window treatment a makeover. An additional DIY project next on my list. #Roxie @ WindowTreatmentsPhiladelphia.com

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  6. I agree with SunnySideUp - the fabric on the roman blinds looks gorgeous! Fingers crossed you change your mind too :)

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