Saturday 4 May 2013


Hello blue skies.
Thank you for stopping by and lifting the spirits of a nation.
You have given me the gift of peace this week.

Five Go Blogging 365project week 18 2013

The brushing of toes on concrete while he swings his legs.
The humming of my two youngest children enjoying Adele.
The popping of a bubble.
The easing of petals as they open.
The whisper of a breeze through newly unfurled leaves.
The stretching of springs on the trampoline at dusk.
Misty Moo's snoozing snores.


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  1. your photos so sum up the wonderful weather we have had this week. the bubble blowing shot is great as is the trampoline one with the suns rays beaming underneath the sillouhete of a child. xx

  2. Lovely collection of 'thinking outside the box' photos!

  3. I love the trampoline one, so effective.

  4. Beautiful sunny photos. I love the colour of the acid green leaves against the blue sky and the daisy and blue flower photos

  5. I love all the different angles you have done, variation :) xxx

  6. Love all the pictures. The colours are great, love the swinging legs picture and bubble picture, really nice


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