Thursday 9 May 2013

Jeans recycling and me

By far my most popular post was the one where I showed a few ways you could recycle a pair of jeans.
But I have a confession.
I only made a business card case from the list.
*hangs head in shame*
So I sought out new inspiration.
I added some new pins to my pinterest board and I got my craft on.

Upcycled jenas bucket bag   Source: ejhern on Etsy

Refashioned jeans bucket bagSouce: AnnaNimmity on Etsy

I was also in possession of a pair of outgrown jeans belonging to the Princess.

If you search on Pinterest for denim or jeans upcycling you will find pins of bags outnumbering other projects at a rate of at least 501 to 1-ish.

So I took my daughters jeans,

chopped them in half retaining the zip and hacked off a leg retaining the pockets,

turned the jeans inside out and sewed across the bottom and up the side.
I turned it the right way out again and fashioned a handle out of the leg I had cut off, attaching it at each side with several rows of stitching for strength.
By chance more than by design the handle is exactly the right length to be worn over one shoulder and also to be carried on her micro scooter.

I'm thinking a new line in upcycled jeans micro scooter accessories. Or is that too niche?

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  1. These are great ideas!! Visit for DIY and upcycling ideas

  2. Very cute, fun bag, very girlie!

  3. I am in awe of everybody that can use a sewing machine without attaching their own fingers permanently to the fabric... ;-)

  4. That is fab! I did something similar with a pair of my sons cords. Chopped the legs off and sewed up the bottom, people call it my 'bum bag' because that's what it is shaped like! lol x

  5. I had a jeans bag when i was a kid and I LOVED it! Also, you're not going to believe this........ I work for the lady who designs all of the Micro Scooters bags & accessories :) I can connect you if you like! xx

  6. That was nice to read! I have also written on Recycling Your Favorite Pair of Jeans! but it's a little different from your post. Although, I liked yours much. It's better than mine but do check mine too :)


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