Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Obsessed with Stationery

I have a minor obsession.
And no it's not Instagram this time (although I am still obsessed).
Todays obsession of choice is stationery.

It was National Stationery Week in May, as if I need a week to obsess with it, and Parragon have launched a gorgeous collection of notebooks *swoon*, journals *fans face* and jotters *faints*. The collection is called Life Canvas and includes something for all tastes, mine included.

I have already shown you the Mini Monsters in a previous post but let me now show off a couple of other things that Parragon sent us.

Parragon Life Canvas Journals

These two notebooks are from the Collage range and are simply gorgeous.

My Life Organiser by Parragon

The smaller notebook called My Life Organiser has loads of tabs to just about cover all eventualities. To do, notes, ideas and a section called The Best. This is then divided into the best music, books, films and websites. A perfect place to note down those songs caught on the radio, that film your friend recommends or a book that one day, when you have some time, you will definitely read.
The beauty of this notebook is the illustrated pages. Every single page looks like something torn from a beautiful scrapbook and really justifies the title Life Notes. It is small enough to easily fit into a handbag, so I now have the perfect notebook!

My Life Organiser Set by Parragon

The larger book, My Life Organiser Set, is double fold and has the prettiest sticky notes you will ever find! I am loath to even use them because they are so lovely, that is if I can keep them away from the Princess. The middle section is a notepad, beautifully printed of course, and the third section is a pocket to keep important slips of paper in. A great little desk organiser if ever there was one.

There is a final treat from Parragon to show you.

Dear Mr, If you are reading this. stop now. Avert your eyes. Click elsewhere. Nothing for you to see here.


Has he gone?

Okay, the third book is this fabulous Me and My Dad Journal for Fathers Day.

Me and My Dad Journal

It is designed for your child to fill in with pictures, notes and stories to give to Daddy on Fathers Day. Each page has something that is to be filled in or coloured or stuck in, a story of an adventure, a picture of somewhere they have been together, or a way to make fun of Dad. It is the sort of gift that I can imagine The Big One adding to over time to keep their memories safe.

If there was a criticism, it would be that the journal is for one child to give to Daddy and doesn't really have the scope to be from all three children, due to how it has been written. That said, I'll let all three of my children fill in sections so it can be from them all.

Disclosure: Parragon sent us these journals free of charge for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own and if I didn't like it I wouldn't be able to stop myself telling you!


  1. oo lovely. You can never have too many notebooks can you? I have a collection of all sizes of notebook and still it's not quite enough. Haven't seen Parragon stuff before but it looks really cute. Hope you like this post about my stationery confessions: http://joannemallon.typepad.com/joanne_the_coach/2012/11/confessions-of-a-stationery-nerd.html

    The interesting thing I've found is that there are some amazing stationery blogs out there where people really give A LOT of thought to the next insert for their 3rd Filofax or whatever. I love those guys, they're my kind of people.

  2. Oooh, I really like the Dad diary thing. I love the idea of them sharing their memories of him - he's rubbish at anything like that, but he'd love it.

  3. Meee toooo, I love stationary. I had to give up my study when we last moved. And now it's all cramped into a tiny cupboard and I had to actually stop buying stationary as I have no idea where to put it. Need a bigger house ;-)


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