Sunday 26 May 2013

Up and Down

I've felt down and I've looked up and ended the week on a high. I'm just going to admire the view from up here for a while before the next perilous slope. Blimey, life can be a rollercoaster can't it?
But on a rollercoaster, heading downwards is the most thrilling part.

Nothing like a bunch of flowers to cheer the soul.
Up at the top on the slide.
Admiring the scale of Cambridge's architecture.
Looking up at the rooftops.
Looking down at the page.
Downing a mug of coffee kept warm by my own fair crochet hook.
Looking up at the trees and coordinating neckwear accordingly.

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  1. I'm a sucker for architecture. Would love to wonder around Cambridge with just a camera

  2. Hope you have a better week this week with more highs - love that slide and that coffee warmer is awesome.

  3. Sorry to hear you were feeling low but glad to hear your week ended on a high. Love the coffee mug warmer. X.

  4. it is indeed a rollercoaster!!!
    i just adore your crochet mug warmer - makes mugs look so much prettier
    that seems to be a looooong slide - or is that just the deception of the photo? and that sky looks dramatic x

  5. Hope next week proves to be better for you! I do love the mug cosy.

  6. Here's to a week with more highs!! Love the flowers, beautiful pics as always! :)


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