Saturday 11 May 2013

My View

My view could be exactly the same as your view, yet we can see things differently.
This is why I love photography. It gives me an opportunity to look and see something that is completely unique to me and then share it.

I sought refuge in a tent in our garden and 'admired' my view.
Playing with a dandelion clock and I saw the shadow.
Looking down on a sleeping little man.
Teaching crochet requires concentration and focus on where that hook is going.
Vision slightly impaired by a local brew.
Watching the barbecue and entranced by the heat haze, smoke and sunlight.

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  1. I agree with your introduction - I love reading what different people see when they look at my photos too.
    I like the BBQ shot - the light and smoke make for an enchanting image. I also like the one taken from inside your tent looking out - the circular frame is great. And those eyelashes are so long - both my boys have amazing eyelashes., x

  2. Absolutely beautiful photography; the swirling smoke from the barbecue, the eyelashes, the view of the stately home and the open doorway in the tent are all magnificent and very *you*!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  3. Stunning photos! I particularly like the dandelion shadow and the smoke and sunshine of the BBQ.

  4. I love the collage of photos, particular favourites are the dandelion shadow and the sleeping little man.

  5. beautiful shots and some lovely angles xx

  6. Sleeping eyes, I love it! And I love your creativity with the smoke heat!!

  7. I can't choose between your photos; they are all simply stunning. I love all the vivid colours.

  8. Love the different perspective of your pictures. My favourite is the dandelion.

  9. Gorgeous photos - love the barbecue shot - not sure I'd even have worked it out if you hadn't said! Like the sound of organic apricot beer too!

  10. Brilliant photos, my favourite is the BBQ one.


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