Tuesday 25 October 2011

The Gallery - Faces

Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to ... Hunstanton.

Grandma and Grandad by the sea live there. As opposed to Grandma and Grandad who don't. The 'by the sea' is the differentiating point. Isn't it confusing for children to have Grandparents that are called the same thing? I suppose that it is possible one set of Grandparents like to be called Nana and Grandad and the other might prefer Grandma and Grandpa. Or the children may sadly only have one set of Grandparents. However, in our house they like to be called the same, so we have to differentiate by adding 'by the sea' to one set. Confusingly, this set can't seem to get it right. 10 out of 10 for effort but the Birthday and Christmas cards are always signed Grandma and Grandad 'at the seaside'. After almost 7 years you would have thought they could get it right.

*sigh of exasperation*

We visit Hunstanton regularly. We know every inch of the sand and every ice cream stall along the promenade. And we love Wiley, the Wash Monster. Particularly his shark-like grin.

Wiley the Wash Monster Hunstanton Beach

He is an amphibious vehicle driving up to the wall to collect passengers and then driving into the sea to chug along the coast. He is amazing and really captures the children's imagination. As yet we haven't been for a ride. Small children and water are not a great combination and until the Wee One is bigger we wont go. But to be honest, the excitement is seeing him rise out of the water and drive up the beach. If you were sat on his deck you wouldn't have the same view so I don't feel like we've missed out.

Next summer we will go for a ride. Definitely.

I'm joining in with the Stick Fingers Gallery theme of faces. Go over and say Hi.


  1. We visit Hunstanton A LOT too, my little man loves the Wash Monster also and even has a cuddly Wash Monster toy on his bed lol.

  2. I've enjoyed several ice creams watching the wash monster come and go (loudly!). Great picture :-)

  3. I would have loved to go on that boat/truck as a kid. Love the paint job.

  4. That is amazing! I'd love a shot on that.

  5. Wow thats a great face to show for this weeks theme!
    My nanny and Na (my name for my grandparents) are called the same for each set and are differentiated by my aunt and uncle. So my mums parents are called Richie nanny and Na (as my uncle is called Richard) and my Dad's parents are called Kerry nanny and Na after my aunty Kerry and I still use those names now! Xx

  6. hahah..LOVE that face and yes agree that sometimes the view is better when you are not actually taking part!! thx for commenting on my blog too x

  7. Brill! We have Nainy and Taidy Gwenan and Nainy and Taidy Jenan at ours (even though Mams name is Jenny?..work that one out!!)

  8. Oh I Love Wiley the Wash monster! You've made me want to go and visit Hunstanton one day :)

  9. Brilliant! Talk about your monster truck! My son would love that!

    We call our grandparents the same names too. It is frustrating and confusing for everyone. lol I love "by the sea". That is clever!

    Thanks for visiting Run DMT! Hope you stop by again! :-)

  10. As much as I like looking at everyone's babies, this is an awesome interpretation of the theme! And a lovely post to go with it. Well done :) X


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