Tuesday 25 October 2011

10 Things I'm Glad I Know

I worried myself unnecessarily because I couldn't think of 10 things that I am glad I know. Is that bad? Does that mean I don't know very much? Or does it mean that the things I do know, I am not glad about?

*Pauses to stop brain spinning*

There are many things I could list that I am not glad I know about. Like what it feels like to grieve, the sound a bone makes when it is being broken or Jedward.

But to actually list the things I am glad I know was very hard. I have, however had a go. Would have been a very lame blog post if I hadn't, wouldn't it.

I'm glad I know:
  1. The Polish language. A tongue twister of a language with way too many consonants. I learnt French at school and grasped enough to order a beer and a croissant, although I wouldn't order them both at the same time ordinarily. But I lived in Poland for a few years and being immersed in a language accelerates the learning process remarkably. Pivo and Perogis for breakfast? No problem. Living near Peterborough it is also very useful for eavesdropping.
  2. How to sew. I love sewing. I would sew all day if it wasn't for small people who demand varying degrees of attention. I just want more time to do it. I can repair the hem of a trouser, replace a zip, knock up a quick dress or make a pair of curtains. A useful skill that I really want to pass on to my daughter. I also love anything crafty and have so many ideas for sewing craft projects. Really must build that studio!
  3. How to cook. Because otherwise I would be a tad hungry. I am not a chef but I can rustle something up and I can follow a recipe. I just don't quite have the patience for it if I'm honest. But families need feeding I have found.
  4. What it is to have a high disposable income and what it is to have no disposable income. God, I could spend money! If I had the disposable income now that I had then, I would know what to do with it. But that is what youth is about isn't it. How to fritter away cash and have nothing to show for it!
  5. How to drive. I have had periods of time this summer when I have been without wheels and it was really limiting. Having said that, it was good exercise and you get to see things that you wouldn't see if you were driving. It is amazing what you see if you take the time to look around you.
  6. How to be grateful for what I have. There are times when I despair at my wardrobe. The 'nothing to wear' syndrome is a frequent visitor, but I am grateful that I have clothes to wear at all. I am grateful that I can repair, modify and accessorise clothes so I feel like I have something new to wear.
  7. How to sleep at night. I have trained the small people in the house too. None of us are early birds thank goodness so no one is allowed to be awake before 7.00. There are the occasional exceptions but I count myself very lucky that they all sleep through the night.
  8. The pain of a tattoo. I was celebrating an event in my life as was a good friend of mine. We wanted to mark the occasion, so we both got tattoos. Seriously ouch and on a par with childbirth (well I thought that at the time but I hadn't actually had any children then). No regrets.
  9. The pain of childbirth. Hurts doesn't it. But I am so grateful that we were fortunate enough to be able to have children.
  10. What champagne tastes like. Mmm.
Thank you to Bumps 2 Babies for tagging me and now I believe I am now required to nominate other bloggers to differentiate between things they are glad they know and things they aren't glad they know.

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