Monday 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Haunted Bedroom


This is a true story.

It was the last night of my hen weekend in a country farmhouse near Kirkby Lonsdale. The other guests had to leave on the Sunday afternoon, not having the foresight to book Monday off work but my Maid of Honour, her 1 year old daughter and I were left to toast each other and toddle off to bed for an early night.

In the old part of the farmhouse, I had the pleasure of the master bedroom complete with 4 poster bed, somewhat wasted without the Mr-to-be, but still a lovely luxury. My Maid of Honour and her daughter were in the next bedroom.

We said our goodnights and took to our beds grateful of the early night after the excesses of Saturday. I tucked myself under the heavy handmade quilt and lay my head on the feather pillow, sneezed a couple of times and then fell into a peaceful sleep. As did my friend and thankfully her daughter.

However, a few hours later my friend was woken. At first she didn't know why. She checked the baby who was sleeping soundly and returned to her bed. Closing her eyes she heard a noise. She opened her eyes again, scanning the room looking for the source of the sound. It came again, this time a little louder, like the sound of footsteps. She opened her bedroom door to see if it was me padding about but my door was shut, and on checking, found me snuggled under the quilt.

She returned to her room convinced she was hearing things. Back in bed she heard the footsteps once more, coming from above her head, like someone walking on the floor above. Only there was no floor above. The beams had been exposed to the vaulted roof. Fear overtook her coupled with the need to go to the toilet. She picked her daughter out of the cot and made a swift exit from her room.

I woke the next morning after a very restful night to find my Maid of Honour with her daughter huddled under blankets downstairs. After she shared her experience from her night we were quick to get packing to head for home. But not before we had written in the visitors book where we found other tales of the resident ghost who walked around her attic room.

Happy Halloween everyone!



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