Sunday 22 April 2012

365project Week 16

This week was all about seeking a little colour in my otherwise grey days.

The little dot of red on muddy wheels.
A dumper full of coloured balls, tipped.
Sparkles through rain drops precariously suspended on a yellow washing line.
Colourful umbrellas marching to school.
A golden torch.
Vintage lego in vintage faded colours but still bright enough to raise a smile.
A rare glimpse of the sun's rays on the back door.

Five Go Blogging 365project Week 16

Where did you find colour this week?

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  1. lovely shots! I like how dramatic the lock and key are.

  2. Would log to see these photos larger. I like the ladybird the best. Brilliant macro shot

  3. Lovely pictures, i love the ladybird one too :)

  4. YOu are brilliant! That ladybird pic is amazing, and your writing is so good around it all. And you saw the olympic flame?? Suddenly a drab week looks very good!

  5. Brilliant shots, I love the ladybirds and the keys in the lock. Which door do they open? Thanks for linking up

  6. I love these. Especially the ladybird. x

  7. Fab pics as usual - wish I was as creative on thinking up themes (I shall have to try harder). I love the balls and the droplets on the washing line.

  8. Love these shots look great altogether :)

  9. Gorgeous pictures. I love the key in the lock one. x


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