Tuesday 3 April 2012

Raindeer (not a typo)

Day 2 of the Easter holidays and there was this strange wet stuff falling from the sky.
I googled it.Turns out it is Rain.

Thing was that there wasn't any rain when we left the house to take our sccoters round Burghley Park.

And it was proper rain too. Real big fat wet drops, that permeate through even the most 'shower-proof' of coats. Ten minutes in and we were seeking shelter. This was not helping my grey brooding mood at all. Nor was the ridiculously expensive apple juice in the cafe. Two quid! Really?

Princess was not impressed, with the rain. The cafe was fine for her. As were the chocolate bars. But the rain. Mais non!

Then the Wee One scooted into a lake. Well not exactly a lake by our standards but when you are only 2 foot tall, big puddles can take on epic proportions. The Big One dived in to rescue him, in his crocs. Fear of trench foot forced us to retreat. Passing the visitors entrance to Burghley House I spotted a sculpture. Seemed apt in this weather. Two giant leaves, dripping with rain.

As we were heading out the gate, squelching as we went, we saw the Raindeer. Yes I do know how to spell REINdeer but surely RAINdeer is far more fitting as droplets fell from their antlers into their eyes. Although one poor fella only had one antler. We had a good look round for his other one, checking that there wasn't a deer looking more cocky than the others with an extra antler perched in the middle of his head. There wasn't.

And I do realise that they aren't even reindeer.

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