Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I wasn't really bothered by the Olympics.
I'm not a great sports fan, either watching or partaking.
I probably should have shown a bit of interest, and tried to get tickets so that I could take the Big One. Then he could look back in years to come and say, Yes. I was there.
Instead I was very casual about the whole thing.

Until Friday last week.

When this man ran passed the end of my road.

olympic torch

And that is not a giant Cornetto in his hand. It is in fact the actual Olympic Torch (unlit).

They were holding a rehearsal through the area testing security, logistics and timings and the route literally passes the end of my road. So we can nip out without the need for camping stools, flasks of tea or survival blankets.

This chap isn't the actual official torchbearer for the real thing though. He was a stand-in. Name unknown. Our real torchbearer is Simon Hales who story is very humbling if you have a moment to take a look.

The result of the rehearsal? They were 20 minutes late getting to Stamford. Tut! And I am now a little bit excited about the Olympics.

Roll on 3rd July when the Olympic Torch (lit) passes by again.

I wonder if any of the other entrants into this weeks Gallery have Olympic tickets?


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh it goes through the village next to us, we'll go to watch it :) didn't get tickets for anything either though.

  2. You've just reminded me our torchbearer will go through Bolton and Pendle around the end of May!

  3. How exiciting. That chap looks happy with just being a stand in.

  4. Oh oh I have tickets! Am sooooo excited, cracking photo x

  5. You inspired me to check when the torch is passing through my area so I can go and watch it!

  6. Very cool! We have tickets - mainly due to OH who is mildly obsessed by watching (unfortunately not doing) sport and quite liked the idea that DD's can say that they went to see the Olympicsin yay many years time. We were quite lucky as we didn't apply for that many and still got some. I must admit to being more excited at seeing the Olympic Village itself rather than the sports going on! Hoping to see the Olympic torch when it goes near us too - ours not nearly as close as you will be though!


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