Tuesday 24 April 2012

National Stationery Day

Today, 24th April 2012, is National Stationery Day.

I love stationery.

The feel of paper in my hand. The joy of lists, notes, plans.
So notebooks are my friend.

Meet my friends.

notebooks, national stationery day

Ahem, technically 2 of these notebooks are the Mr's but he prefers scraps of paper for his jottings and rather than see a notebook gather dust, neglected on a shelf, I have taken it upon myself to stroke them, occasionally flick through their pages and one day, even, possibly, *pauses for dramatic effect* write in them.

At the front you have 'Inspirations and Ideas' notebook belonging to the Mr, leather bound, tissue thin paper and currently devoid of inspirations or ideas.
Nestled behind that is my bargain Filofax complete with German diary, and notes section bursting with blog post ideas.
Then there is my Pucci print inspired notebook, overflowing with scraps of paper, all holding the possible key to my success, and some shopping lists. There may also be a receipt of two.
Next I have a vintage model. The notebook I started in the early 90's to record my book reviews. Geek-ish I know, but in the days before Goodreads I would write a little review of the books I read.
After that there is the Beano notebook. I bought this for the Mr in which he could keep notes of importance rather than on scraps of paper. It remains unused. I am adopting it.
I have an Orla Kiely notebook which I will be used once Pucci is full. It is bigger and I have a small concern it won't fit in my handbag easily, so as gorgeous as it is, it may be knocked down in the pecking order by a yet to be discovered alternative model.
A special notebook is next. Cappuccino coloured, suede bound, gold edged, cream papered and waiting for THE book. THE novel. Handwritten in ink. One day.
Finally in the stash is a leather envelope. Not a notebook but luscious and deserving of its place on the shelf, containing handmade paper and envelopes. Perfect for special letters to special people.

I really have no idea why there is a National Stationery Day, except to drive sales in Paperchase possibly, but I have enjoyed collecting my notebooks together, reminding myself of their significance and prompting an uncontrollable desire to go shopping at Paperchase.

Do you have any significant notebooks, and what's in them? I promise I wont tell!


  1. I have just been given a beautiful raspberry pink nnotebook by colleagues for my 40th! It's waiting for me to think of something inspiring to write in it!

  2. I have notebooks but they are rather scrappy affairs. I have aspirations of organisation that never seem to materialise. I did have a faithful Christmas notebook for a few years but this has morphed into a file. Love your lined up notebooks - I am inspired to tidy mine!

  3. That's a cool idea if there would be such a day like that. Stationers all over the world would be happy with it.

  4. I love stationary to, so many new things you can come up with out of something so simple.


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