Monday 2 April 2012

Banana Muffins

The first day of the Easter Holidays and I have exhausted all my time filler ideas already!

Send help, or a nanny!

Today we washed the shed, travelled back in time and baked banana muffins.

'washed shed' - cleaned outside toys which, it was decided by those wiser than me, should include the shed.
'travelled back in time' - visited the newly installed and hugely condensed Stamford Museum exhibit at the library. They have a cool tapestry if you are passing.
'baked banana muffins' - err, baked banana muffins.

Taking a recipe from we tackled the 'too-ripe-to-be-eaten' bunch of bananas.

banana muffins

Mashing and smashing them with a fork, adding sugar and an egg, and a dash of honey (not in the recipe but we were feeling all daring).
Folding in plain flour with a half teaspoon of baking powder and a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda.
Adding raisins which was the Princess's idea.
Baking for 20 minutes.

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