Tuesday 1 November 2011

Cosy Club Opens in Stamford

Cosy Club Stamford

I love the concept of the Cosy Club, a small chain of restaurants that describe themselves as a "gentleman's club meets village hall meets cricket pavilion". So I was somewhat surprised to find that The Big One's class at school had been invited to a baking session at The Cosy Club as one of their opening events in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

In fact I am slightly narked that The Big One had been before I had the opportunity to! Says something about my social life doesn't it. *skulks off back to the kitchen*

Anyway, after minor sulking, I thought what a brilliant marketing event to have arranged. Get the kids in, give them a great afternoon, get the parents talking about The Cosy Club and get them to come too. I understand that the local press were invited to capture the event and I look forward to seeing the kids in their chefs hats and aprons on the front page (or possibly slightly further back in the paper).

Not wanting to be outdone, I popped in today to find a really warm, comfortable atmosphere in amongst the chesterfield sofas and quirky table lamps. The builders and designers had certainly gone to town converting the old delivery office of Stamford's Post Office There was a distinct hint of retro British in the interior design with dashes of Cath Kidston. The locals were getting stuck in to their lunches and the morning coffee crowd were still gossiping so I doubt whether it will be very long before I am amongst the diners or drinkers. The menu looks very tempting with everything from brunch to tapas to a broad selection of main dishes, and a dedicated children's menu to keep the smalls happy.

In the meantime we thoroughly enjoyed the Cosy Club Confectionery Cookie baked and brought home by the Big One. The sugar rush only lasted an hour! And he will be donning his complimentary chefs hat and apron next time any baking is to be done!

Cost Club Cookies Stamford
Cosy Club Stamford Chef-in-making

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