Friday 25 November 2011

Walk with me a while...

... along some leaf strewn paths that dazzle with jewel like colours, down a cobbled lane that wrecks your heels, across a river populated with expectant ducks, and past some oddities that catch the eye. Or in other words, our morning walks with Misty Moo.

I took these photos over a couple of mornings which explains the mist suddenly disappearing and Princess's outfit change mid walk (she is not in the habit of taking a change of outfit on our dog walks ordinarily).

Our street is very ordinary so I will spare you the pebble dash semis and start with a little colour, a little leaf action and some rather fetching railings.

autumn leaves

green railings

Thhrowing leaves

And down this cobbled street ...

kingsmill lane stamford cobbled street the meadows, the river, and the ducks. And I always forget to bring bread for them. I don't think they go hungry though.

River Welland Stamford

ducks from above

river welland stamford meadows

autumn leaves

Finally a stop off at a couple of local landmarks. Wouldn't stop there for a picnic mind.

daniel lambert cemetery stamford

stamford mosaics

Right, who's for a cup of tea?


  1. I was with you every step of the way there! Lovely photos; thanks for getting me out of the house, mentally.

  2. What gorgeous pictures. this is a great idea x

  3. I am so coming on a walk with you one day - looks fab ;)


Oooh, I do like a good comment :-)