Wednesday 2 November 2011

The Gallery - Thank you Thomas!

At 20 months old, The Wee One has just discovered that he can communicate and generally gets what he asks for. Let me be clear, he isn't actually talking but the 'naa naa' sounds and pointing and pulling you by the hand in the direction of what he wants, is getting clearer.

One of this weeks obsessions is Fireman Sam which we have on DVD and we also have Jupiter Fire Appliance and a Fireman Sam poseable figure. These belonged to the Big One who at 7 has willingly handed them down, skipping the Princess who favoured 'In The Night Garden'.

The other obsession this week is Thomas the Tank Engine which fits very neatly into Tara's prompt for this weeks Gallery, the letter T.

The Big One was a Thomas freak! I once spent an entire weekend fashioning a cardboard box and a crate of poster paints into a Thomas The Tank Engine dress-up outfit. I was very proud of it actually until half the blue paint flaked off all over the house. My very poor photo filing skills are evidenced by the lack of a photo of the afore mentioned awesome costume so instead I present to you The Big One and the REAL Thomas at the Nene Valley Railway.

Thomas The Tank Engine Nene Valley

(No that face hasn't just been stuck onto a any old steam engine. That is THE Thomas as would be suggested by The Big One's awestruck face.)

He had an awesome day, with a momento toy train that suffered paint damage within 10 minutes of being opened. However the Wee One is oblivious to the paint damage and loves nothing more than pushing good old Thomas around and around and around. Oh and bashing the Thomas DVD case on the TV screen repeatedly until his insistent 'NAA NAA' is understood.

Thank you Thomas for giving pleasure to our 2 happy boys and please give a little 'toot toot' to the Big One who's birthday it is today x


  1. Happy Birthday Big One! Thomas is worshipped in this house as well. That train ride looks amazing.

  2. He looks thrilled to see Thomas! I used to love him
    When I was little!

  3. He looks really excited. My oldest was mad for Thomas!!

  4. Lovely take on the theme - very sweet. Happy birthday to the Big One too xx

  5. can't believe two people did Thomas! How funny, as it is not obvious! Can't wait until we get the chance to take Noah. He would love it!

  6. Aaah Thomas. My younger brother was obsessed with him. But apparently they've changed the TV theme tune?! Sacrilege!

  7. Happy birthday! Looks like a fun day out was had by all.

  8. Feels like such a long time since my boys watched Thomas (they're 7 and nearly 17!) but both of them loved Thomas. The books especially :)

  9. What is it with Thomas? I personally find them all a little bit freaky!! But I am v glad your little one got to meet his hero x x x


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