Wednesday 30 November 2011

The Gallery - The Kitchen

I have a dream... that one day I will have a huge kitchen, big enough for a table that fits us all, room enough for a sofa where I can read/blog/snooze and listen to the radio, stable doors to the garden so I can nip out to pick fresh herbs, oh, and is self cleaning.

Until then, I'll make do with my small, dated kitchen/office.

There is just about room for a small person to sit on the counter and assist in the culinary creativity, or just lick a spoon when required. I love that they want to join in but in doing so I have to suspend my 'control freak' nature and try to not panic that the butter hasn't creamed perfectly or that there are still lumps of flour. I don't know how Katie does it on I Can Cook. I would want to leap in and 'help' the little ones. I always wonder whether, if left totally unaided, their food would be edible.

This set of pictures was taken on one of the first occasions I let The Big One loose with the spoon. He loved it. Particularly the tasting parts.

Mummy, can I have a go?
I think we need a smaller bowl.
Taa daa!
Oops. Caught!
Another one. Just to be sure.

I am joining in with Tara at Sticky Fingers who set the theme of Kitchen for this weeks Gallery.


  1. That is a huge bowl!

    Finger lickin good.

  2. More cakes! That is just what a kitchen should be for! x

  3. I love that The Big One has a car on the bench for emergency car-driving whilst cooking, my boy is the same.

    I always wonder too if they are actually eating the food the kids cook on I Can Cook or if it's 'one they made earlier.' Usually looks too good to be made by the children.

  4. Kids + baking = family kitchen. (You've been using soft focus on picnik haven't you?! ) x x

  5. I like the matching top and icing combo!! Fantastic pictures!

  6. Baking with kids is exactly what a kitchen should be used for!


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