Monday 21 November 2011

My Blog Is Great. And Versatile!

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thanking you kindly, Bibsey and Here Come The Girls.

Not only is my blog great but it is also versatile.

According to the dictionary, the definition of versatile is to be capable of turning easily from one task to another. In the blink of an eye, I can hop from one crisis to another, I can juggle three children, I can see through walls (if small children are on the other side) and I can rustle up dinner using only a tin of tuna and a cream cracker (that last example may be an exaggeration but if anyone does have a recipe I would be grateful).

The responsibility of such an auspicious award is to reveal a few more tasty tidbits about myself and (much like the reigning Miss World who hands her crown on to her successor) present the award to a further collection of deserved bloggers.

I've decided to follow a theme on this one and reveal seven things about myself related to versatility.

  1. I am not only numerate but also creative (left and right brained).
  2. I have 7 uses for a muslin cloth:
    1. Burp cloth
    2. Sun hat (for child or adult!)
    3. An emergency nappy
    4. A blanket for cooler summer breezes
    5. A bib
    6. A nap sack for running away with
    7. Bandanna
  3. I will write about anything (sports nutrition to muslin cloths).
  4. I am happy with either milk or dark chocolate.
  5. I can find 1001 ways to fill an afternoon if I am trying to avoid doing something else.
  6. I am happily entertained by any number of different reality TV shows.
  7. I am a very versatile guest: black tie, formal, smart casual, cocktails, dinner or dancing. Just need a few invitations.

So my versatile bloggers, over to you:

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  1. Ahhh- thank you for tagging me! But... I have done this one before :) And, I'm also entertained by a number of reality tv shows ;)

  2. I am sooo good at number 5 too. There is always something better to be doing than the thing that you should be doing.


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