Thursday 10 November 2011

An Evening of Christmas Crafts

Once a month, myself with a group of school mums get together for wine and chat, cunningly disguised as a book group. We have been meeting for about nine months now and have discussed books once or twice just so that the Mr can quiz me and I can honestly say that books were involved. However we vary the theme every month to keep it interesting and having discussed film, fantasy dinner guests, food and meditation amongst other topics, and this months theme was Christmas Crafts.

I love craft:, cutting, painting, glueing, paper and fabric, but I rarely get enough time to even attempt a quarter of the lovely craft projects I find. Browsing through a couple of our hostess's craft books (of which she has an impressive collection) I was inspired to have a crack at crochet to make some cute Amigurumi like these from

They are so cute and I know a couple of small children who would love these for Christmas, either in their stocking or hanging on the Christmas tree. Perhaps not your typical Christmas decoration but definitely a humourous touch to add to the tinsel. Hmm, what about crocheted tinsel? 

The highlight of the evening was to make rag pompoms for the Christmas tree. Many of us hadn't attempted pompoms since primary school but with a little guidance we had a ripping time, quite literally, shredding old clothes, pillow cases and scarves to create our own unique decorations. I was very glad that it wasn't my job to hoover up all the threads afterwards.

I think we were all a bit gobsmacked that we all actually managed to produce pompoms! They have proved to be a big hit and have so far made it to a daughters 'show and tell' at school and onto a couple of rear view mirrors. I'm not sure that they will survive to make it onto the Christmas Tree so we may have to reconvene to produce a few more.

As well as pompoms we had a couple more ideas brought along for inspiration, like these gorgeous fabric star decorations, these polystyrene balls that can be decorated by the kids and what tree wouldn't be complete without a biscuit or two? Our hostess had also been handy with the wool and knitted and crocheted some fabulous dolls.

We really had a great evening! I'm going to have to borrow a few of those craft books soon.

Until next time ladies x


  1. I'm sooooo going to have a go at rag pompoms. They look fab and it would never have crossed my mind to use anything other than wool.

  2. Wow .... you are very creative. Love the Amigurumi animals!

  3. Yay for pom poms. I have a bit of an obsession with making them at the moment. Hubby hates it. How can you hate pom poms - they're so fluffy!

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