Monday 14 November 2011

Dear Santa

Inspired by the amazing From Fun To Mum

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. Honest. I know there may have been a couple of instances where I was a bit shoutier with the children than I should have been and I have been staying up later than I should but I have only had two major hangovers this year. I have looked after the children single handedly through the whole summer so surely a couple of hangovers can be overlooked. And those sweets that were for the children, well they said I could eat them after they had gone to bed. They didn't want them really.

So could you please arrange it for me to.. No wait, that was the beginning of the Dear Jim letter wasn't it?


Please can I have the following:
  1. A medal. It's been a long year.
  2. Gin. It's been a long year.
  3. A cure for the common cold. It would be super nice of you of you could arrange this before the 25th. Thanks
  4. An iPad. This old laptop is starting to show signs of stress, and wouldn't it be a major calamity of I was unable to blog? I know you are a subscriber ;)
  5. A sponsor for Britmums Live, oh and maybe Cybher too while you are about it (may be pushing my luck a bit). 
  6. A zoom lens for my camera would be very much appreciated. Then I can Picnik the close ups too.
  7. Please let The Big One believe in you for at least another year. I don't want the magic to end for him just yet.
You see my needs aren't that great.

But please, if I had to prioritise, can you give me number 7.

Merry Christmas.

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