Friday 11 November 2011

Where I do it!


Yes, IT.

I am quite new to it of course, but I have done it once in the bedroom, a few times on the sofa, more often on the dining table but most frequently in the kitchen. I like to get around a bit you see.

I am of course, referring to where I blog or my blogplatz.

Voice from back of the crowd: "You blog in the kitchen?"

Yes, my *ahem* office is in the kitchen. I use the word 'office' very loosely you understand. There is a high quality, perfectly formed Lack table from Ikea, a PC (very retro don't you know), a keyboard and mouse. To my left is a wall but to my right is the fridge where tonic, ice and lemon can be found. Within 3 paces is the cupboard where Gin can be found, and behind me is another cupboard with a selection of glasses, depending on my day I can lay my hands on a tumbler or a pint glass.

I did take a photo of my blogplatz thus:

But then decided a sketch would look better until it was sabotaged by a doodle that is not bloggable. I will say no more.

Where do you do it....

Chatty Baby?
A Party of Seven?
The Love Bump?

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Thank you Melsham Mum for the tag  x mwah x

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  1. Aceballs. Another kitchen blogger... but this one with a respectable collection of drinking receptacles. Not a yogurt pot in sight.


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