Friday 18 November 2011

My Blog Is Great

No. Really. It is.
Motherventing says so. And you wouldn't want to disagree with her. She rashly promised to give up biscuits this month and she is in withdrawal, so tread carefully.

Apparently I get an award that says so too. I will polish it daily and display it in my Trophy Cupboard.
However, there is a small catch. A condition of acceptance of this award is that I must reveal 7 secret things about myself for you all to wonder at.

Secret 1. I know how cranes are erected. Like this.

Secret 2. I was a massive Secret Seven fan in my youth. Hah! 7 secrets, Secret Seven. Brilliant.

Secret 3. I am a lover of retro confectionery. Ferrero Rocher, Matchmakers, Star Bars, Toffifee, and Texan Bars. In another life I would have a sweet shop filled with sweets from my childhood. I would never leave. Primarily because I would be too fat to fit through the door ;)

Secret 4. I cannot get drunk. Or more accurately I can get drunk but it is guaranteed to be a messy affair involving dettol.

Secret 5. I am a highly intelligent person who fools everyone on an hourly basis into thinking I am a flaky stay at home mum.

Secret 6. I am so intelligent and in tune with retail promotional strategy that I will not be starting my Christmas shopping until 5 days before the 25th with the exception of...

Secret 7. ...the Christmas Advent Calendars which are hidden in the cupboard under the stairs (but don't tell anyone).

Now the lovely bit where I get to pass the love on to more deserving bloggers, 15 of them. Crikey. (Actually kind of hard to find 15 bloggers who haven't been awarded already!)

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Okay, I give up. Seven winners of the Seven Secrets award. That works right?

Tally ho!

And thank you to The Princess and The Pickle who also thought I deserved this award. Does that mean mine can be twice as big as everyone elses?


  1. OMG! I love Toffifee too! I have been known to eat a whole box of 48 in one sitting. Like a great big fat PIG.

    And you have revealed the secret of the cranes... for this I do heart you (although I don't believe in magic any more). It still boggles my mind.

    LURVE YOU MISSUS x x x x x

  2. I had all the Secret Seven books, but refused to read any of them as the Famous Five ruled! Haha! :)

  3. Motherventing, Just because you are in biscuit withdrawal does not permit you to eat all the toffifee. They are mine, all mine.

    Helen, And I never read the Famous Five! Although now want to read them with the kids :)

  4. Oooh MatchMakers - yum, epeially te mint ones. Enid Blyton was banned in my house as a child so I cannot comment on the Fab Five vs the Super Seven or whoever they were - did they involve lashings of ginger beer what what!?!


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