Thursday 1 December 2011

Christmas Trees, or not?

As today is the 1st December I feel that I can officially start to think about Christmas.

I am probably a bit behind compared to some of you who have not only bought all your presents but wrapped them too! I have so far bought 3 advent calendars, made a Christmas Tree (more of that later) and cried real tears over our town's Christmas Tree. A little melodramatic you might think, but twinkly lights and the start of the season that says more about family than any other, gets me all sentimental. That is how it should be, but the tears that were shed (admittedly only figuratively speaking) were over this apology of a Christmas Tree in our town centre.

Christmas tree of lights stamford

I would say it is lacking something, hold on a second, I'll put my finger on it in a minute, now what could it be missing... err, a TREE?

To me, a 'tree of lights', as it is described by our town council, should really glisten and sparkle even on the dreariest of days. This steel column and argos basic fairy lights just doesn't cut it. In fact it is already showing signs of wear thanks to some curious idiots who wondered if they could squeeze in between the light strings. Answer: Yes you can and pull a row of lights down in the process.

For the love of all things bling, even at night there is barely a glow about it.

I have even tried a little bit of picnik editing (as you know, I am a picnik-aholic) and it still looks... apologetic.

Christmas Tree by Five Go Blogging

A canvas of opinion seems to suggest that I am not alone in my disappointment but it is too late now, unless there is a friendly sympathetic Christmas Tree farm who would like to donate a tree to this sad, depressed market town in South Lincolnshire. *looks around hopefully*

In the meantime I have been putting to good use some of those Christmas catalogues that fall on the doormat on a regular basis at this time of year.

Magazine Christmas Tree

Magazine Christmas Tree
I used this tutorial to produce this little tree to sit on our window sill and then adapted it slightly by cutting off a section of the pages to make the tree stump. I am thinking I could decorate it with a bit of glitter and perhaps a cut out star to add the finishing touch. But I also like how it looks au naturel.

Now if I could only find a big enough catalogue I could make a tree for our town.


  1. Dear councillor
    This lady here is all about minimalism, but your tree is a clear example of minimalism gone wrong. If it is too late for this year, can normal service resume next year, please?
    Many thanks

  2. Oh no, that tree in your town is very sad. I would cry too. I'm one that thinks we should cut down on spending on underwater missiles and submarines before cutting down on Christmas lights and displays. Your tree, on the other hand, is lovely :-)


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