Thursday, 8 December 2011

My Christmas Song

I was tagged by the fantastically dandruff ridden, red nosed Motherventing (go see her avatar on twitter* to see what I'm talking about) to write a post about my favourite Christmas song.

Little did she know that I don't have a favourite song. All Christmas Songs are designed to irritate and crawl under your skin so that by the time Christmas does come all you want for Christmas is ear plugs.

No, not Bah Humbug. I like Christmas but anyone who has ever worked in a shop over the Christmas season will agree. 12 hours solid Christmas carols on repeat every 45 minutes is enough to send even the most Christmassy of the Christmas elves over the edge.

Also the one Christmas song that always pops involuntarily into my head is Cliff Richard's Mistletoe and Wine which I don't even like and I wouldn't want to subject you to it either. Not even as a joke. A sad Christmas joke.

So in an alternative style, and following the animal theme that seems to be running on my blog at the moment, I give you Talking Animals** singing Deck The Halls.

Now to pass the baton on to a few more deserving bloggers who can share their favourite Christmas Songs.

Kaisa Larkas  

Ordinary Parent 


 Fa la la la laaa la la la laaaa!

* Correct at time of publishing
** Misty does not feature in this video


  1. I don't like Xmas songs either!! Really... not much... well, some of them are OK... not the obvious ones, though... ah feck it. I like the ones I picked. And yours. Yours is FUNNY. Animals singing are cool, innit.

  2. That's even worse than Cliff Richard!


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