Thursday, 22 December 2011

My Fantasy Christmas Dinner Party

Five Go Blogging Fantasy Dinner Party Guests

Fantasy in more ways than one.

Firstly, the very idea of me hosting a dinner party in the first place would be nothing short of a miracle. I have the ability to get stressed in epic proportions in the kitchen when there is anyone other than the Mr and my own children at the table. I don't like cooking particularly and I have a casual approach to recipes with a 'that'll do' attitude. I do cook, every day, from a stock of about 12 recipes which are dished up in rotation. Anything new, and certainly anything worthy of a dinner party, is high risk. Wanna come to dinner?

Secondly, we are a bit short of space. I could put the extra leaf in the dining table but half the guests would be eating in the front room while the rest of us would be in the dining room. I should point out that we have already knocked through the two rooms, so no masonry excavation equipment will be necessary.

Thirdly, please can a nanny be provided to distract and amuse the children while I prepare myself. This can take some time but I normally get about 15 minutes between children getting into bed and first guests arriving. Even by my lazy attitude to personal styling this is not quite enough time.

So for my fantasy dinner party I will require:

  • A caterer in the guise of Nigella Lawson. Only can I keep her behind the scenes please and take all the credit?
  • A builder in the form of Nick Knowles. Nick can stay on for dinner too, as can his gaffer Mark Millar with his cheeky Irish charm. *ahem*
  • A nanny not dissimilar to Jo Frost, in fact the very actual Jo Frost please. Once the kids are in bed she can stay on for dinner too, just in case any of the little angels decide to wake up.
  • I feel a personal stylist wouldn't go amiss and should Gok Wan be available I think he could be worthy of my invitation.
  • I'd like Mary Portas to come along so we could exchange retail strategy ideas and maybe give me a few pointers about restarting my career (at some point beyond nappies).

So that's the catering, building, children, clothing and career taken care of. *ponders*

Last up, for interiors advice and use of his staff discount card, Terence Conran. I have my eye on a very funky sofa. *nudge nudge wink wink*

So anyways, sorry if you didn't get an invite but space is at a premium around my table.

Why not throw your own party and hook up with Dorky Mum where it all started.



  1. Ooooh you've put some of my favourite people - which means unless I want to copy I've got some serious thinking to do

  2. I like your thinking! I'd definitely have Nigella or my current fav Lorraine Pascale cook up dinner and then totally take credit for it myself LOL

  3. You forgot to say Actually Mummy so that when the evening descends into the inevitable chaos you have someone with whom to discuss childbirth and poo!


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