Saturday 17 December 2011

Saturday Is Caption Day

Tis Saturday and the bloggers are revolting. Well one is.

I blame JBMumOfOne and Tots100.

I stand corrected. I now blame Here Come The Girls!

Apparently* the Tots100 Christmas party was nothing short of a riot, and a few drinks may have been drunk, and few laughs may have been had, and a few shapes may have been thrown on the dancefloor. Over much hilarity JBMumOfOne bonded with Mammasaurus and thought it would be a double giggle to get us all thinking up captions for photos of Mamma herself. She knows nothing of this coup. Well not yet anyway. She may get wind of it when she looks at all the entries to #satcap and spots a common theme.

I would say join in but unless you are in possession of a pic of Queen Mammasaurus** you will be standing alone I suspect.

So this one was *ahem* made available to me for the purposes of caption making and joining the revolution.

Now toddle along to Mammasaurus.

*I was sadly not in attendance.
**I was given this photo of Mamma but no money changed hands.

mammsaurus badgeSaturday Is Caption Day


  1. Love love love what you've done with this photo! I should send you some of Little Miss G to see what magic you come up with! Go Mad cap!

  2. They have no water? Let em drink gin.

  3. Loving the throne - oooops I mean crown.

    And loving your intro to the photo xx

  4. But I wasn't even there! Wish I had been though LOL!

  5. Lord of the RiverDance!

    (OH MY WORD)

  6. The peasants are revolting.

  7. Dance! Dance for me, or it's orf with your heads!


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