Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My Awesome Photo

The theme for The Gallery this week is to show off the best photo what I took, innit.

With so many to choose from *ahem* *heckling from the back* it took me a while to find one that I would call awesome, that I would be proud off hanging on the wall immortalized on a giant canvas, that would be timeless.

I have some lovely pictures of the children, all individually, which I could use but then there would be the innevitable 'discussion' about why there isn't another giant canvas picture of the other children. The answer 'There isn't room.' would possibly not be good enough.

So not children then.

I have taken a couple of landscapes which I was pleased with but not of anywhere that has deep significant meaning that I wouldn't mind looking at everyday.

Then there is the Moo that is Misty who seems to be featured a lot at the moment on my blog. I think she is making up for lost time.

My ultimate awesome photo of Misty is this one which I edited (of course).

Misty Moo Five Go Blogging

You may recognise it because I use it for all my avatars :)

There is a story behind this picture. I took this late one evening so that I could send it to the Mr along with this message. "Yum! Thanks Dad. Your dinner was lovely!"

Now nip over to Sticky Fingers and admire everyone else's awesome photos.


  1. Iconic! You should definitely have it on your wall to remind everyone that you are BLOGGER! Come to think of it mine would look pretty good too! *submits new entry*

  2. ha.. i didn't mean my woof to be anonymous. just a little bit of eager clicking. whoops x

  3. It reminds me of a famous artist but i dont know who! It is rather iconic in twitterland!

  4. I like this photo and on a wall it would never age as it is very arty. Good choice

  5. That would look COOL as a big canvas. All artistic, innit. A bit of CULTURE. Very nice *chomps on cigar*

  6. Too cool Missus! I also LOVED your Alice-in-Wonderland in the doorknob one. Am going to have a go at one of those soon ;)

  7. yes this is an awesome photo and it instantly reminds me of you and your blog, would be a great canvas!

  8. that would look very cool on a big canvas.

  9. That is a cool photo...would certainly look great as a canvas x


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