Tuesday 20 December 2011

Snap Slappers Week 6

And I think it is appropriate to call it the Christmas Edition. No?

Only 5 sleeps to go. Feeling festive yet?

I had to wait until we had our Christmas tree well and truly decorated before the Christmas jingle hit and I found myself involuntarily singing carols to myself and frightening the dog.
We had the inevitable moment of anticipation to see how many fairy lights had smashed or blown in the 11 months in the loft and I am happy to report there was only one casualty and that was due to the iron flying pig on our hearth being a little too eager to nuzzle up to the berry lights.
After straightening out the angel's wings the tree was well and truly decorated. Well not quite. I found it 'needed' a little help from picnik. Sadly I cannot Picnik it in real life so I can either make do with the original...

or print this photo out magnified by about 1000% and tape a few reams of paper together.

Have a great Christmas and don't forget to come back next week. I'll be here wearing my Christmas jumper and eating yet another turkey sandwich xxx

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  1. Oooh love the funky tree. This would be a great christmas card

  2. Very festive... Merry Christmas!! :)

  3. That is one pimp-arsed Christmas tree! x

  4. I'm not buying into this whole Xmas thing. But if I were, I would say that is a fricking fantastic tree. Innit. Almost jingles my bells. Bah! Bumhug! :D xx

  5. Someone needs to turn that into reality! Great tree x

  6. The neon works fabulously on your tree! Very Christmassy. I love it.

  7. I agree - would make a fab card! Very cool :D


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