Saturday 31 December 2011

How Was It For You? 2011 - A Retrospective

2011 was alright, I suppose.

It was the year:
  • of the birth of my Blog so that's to be celebrated.
  • of the demise of half my wardrobe. Falling to bits, wearing thin or too small. So I'm looking forward to a bit of a wardrobe splurge in the very near future.
  • the Wee One learnt to walk and talk (god help me).
  • that I learnt I could survive on my own with three kids while the Mr worked away.
  • that I learnt I can no longer get away without dying my hair, wearing makeup, and the generous use of anti-wrinkle cream.
  • when 11.11.11 happened.
  • when there was no February 29th so no one proposed to me. Just as well or the Mr wouldn't have been too chuffed.
  • I went to London to meet a group of Twitter/Blogger 'friends' and didn't pass out with nerves.
  • I took more photos than ever before.
  • I discovered Picnik mwhahaha.
  • I didn't go to cybermummy or blogcamp or anything *stamps foot* which will definitely be remedied in 2012.
  • I dragged the kids out a lot this summer in an attempt to keep them occupied and not to drive me up the walls. It was a great success and we all stayed sane. A major achievement.
  • I turned thrifty which was mostly out of necessity but many of the things I now do I would continue even if by some small miracle we were to become loaded.
  • I made things: Dresses for Princess, lavender bags, candles, garlands, cakes.
  • I decided that I wanted to write and I am not that bad at it.
  • I wrote a blog post every day for a month with NaBloPoMo. Blogher are at it again in January (er tomorrow) and I am thinking about it...
So what's in store for 2012?

Starts tomorrow so I reckon I'll find out very soon.

Happy New Year to you all xxx


  1. It was the year we discovered Picnik. That's, like, the highlight of my year. I would call myself an EXCELLENT PHOTOGRAPHER now. Fo sho.

    Nice to have 'met' you. Hope to do it for real in 2012 :) HNY! X


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