Wednesday 28 December 2011

Worst Present Ever!

I have had a few Christmas Gifts over the years where I have seriously doubted the person sending them knew who I was. At all.

You know with Secret Santa how you pick a name and you get someone from accounts who you have never even spoken to and you have to get them something for a fiver? Or worse when it is a lucky dip and you just have to buy a random gift? It's feels a bit like you are on the receiving end of that. Only worse because the person giving should know you, should know what you like and don't like. Or should at least make a bit of an effort to pretend that they know you.

I have to be a bit careful now because there is a slim possibility that the sender of one of my worst gifts (for there have been a few) may read this. If you do recognise any of the following gifts as something you have sent me over the years, I am sorry. Sorry that I didn't tell you at the time that you were wasting your money and I'd rather have a hug.

In 3rd place is Plate warmers.

You really want one now, don't you?

Like an electric blanket that you wrap around your plates to get them toasty warm before you put your dinner on them. Obvious really. Thanks. The two plates that were typically used for dinner had previously been very happy being warmed in the oven or, dare I say it, not at all. Domestic failure me.

In 2nd place is Security Owl.
Twit twoo's alert you of intruders!

A wedding gift and admittedly it was a joke present right along with the cigarette dispensing donkey. Oh how we laughed!

In 1st place was a table top candle lit water feature (sound activated).

This does a very good impression of it. Special huh?

The really amusing part of this was that it was heavy. It was gift wrapped and I was on my honeymoon on this particular birthday. The Mr, in his new position of Mr rather than Boyfriend, dutifully carried it in his hand luggage so that I would not miss out on this birthday gift. Excitedly I peeled back the wrapping paper to reveal a brown cardboard box with no hint of the treasures secreted inside. After 20 minutes of guesswork, requisitioning AAA batteries and half a pint of water we were faced with a loud, very loud whirring, glowing, trickle. Dumbfounded! The villa in Crete where we stayed now has a very tasteful addition to its decor. It was bring that home or a bottle of Ouzo. The Ouzo won.

This year I have been very lucky indeed and was at the receiving end of a kindle and a Picnik upgrade, plus a few sundry hats, slippers and chocolate. One bonus gift was a very fetching pair of oven mits. Happy does not cover it.

What is the worst gift that you have ever received?

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  1. My worst gift was a deicer for the car door. Hubby was not in the good books that year.

    Glad you got the picnik upgrade. It's ace.


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