Saturday 3 December 2011

Saturday is Caption Day

Tis Saturday and as the title suggests it is Caption Day.

Think up a suitably fitting caption for this photographic masterpiece and post in the comments.

Make me smile people! I have a cold and need cheering up, I tell you!

Thanks :)

Five Go Blogging Burghley Ice House Stamford

Enjoyed that? Good, well hop along now to Mammasaurus where you'll find more caption-less photos in need of your urgent assistance. Go on. Off you go. She's got biscuits.


  1. If I knight him with this stick he may magically get clothes

  2. When you feel a tap on the head you can lift the blindfold and take a look at your bedroom make-over.

    PS I don't think you've done the linky. Found you by accident.

  3. Just measuring to see whether this little ghost is tall enough to go on the Down the Deep Well ride.

  4. Yes, auditions for Casper are this way. You meet the height restriction. Good luck.

  5. And for my next trick I shall make a small child appear from this blanket!

    Izzy Whizzy lets get busy ... or as mummy says...
    Inny Winny give me Ginny!

  6. Don't worry, it hurts less under a blanket *evil laugh*

  7. On Panorama tonight: our intrepid undercover reporter reveals the masons secret initiation ceremony.

  8. And with this batons I officially declare you our naked-legs-ghost!


Oooh, I do like a good comment :-)